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CCC Research is Ukrainian non-government research center founded by Counterpart Creative Center in 2003. For many years we have been working to strengthen civil society in Ukraine involving other CSOs, authority bodies, mass-media all over Ukraine and from other countries of Europe and the world.

CCC Research is the union of professionals that:

  • are dedicated to the ideals of civil society and strengthening democracy in Ukraine;
  • know their job well and go confidently to the goal;
  • strive to improve their skills and seek for new instruments and tools to have better results;
  • are ready to share their experience with all who need it.

We link:

  • individuals and institutions;
  • state and non-state actors;
  • international actors and local interested parties;
  • practice and research.

We propose:

  • research services;
  • monitoring and evaluation services;
  • trainings and internships;
  • support and implementation of projects and programs;
  • setting links to share practices and improve capacity.
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