CCC Research conducts research, monitoring and evaluation, education and information programs, sharing experience in fields that follow:

1. Democratic governance and public participation

Strengthening democracy, development public participation tools and implementing principles of good governance is one of the main directions of CCC Research’s activities. We consider the future of the European state in social dialogue in the state and community, public consultations in wide circles of issues. This requires long and thorough work with authority bodies as well as publicity to create the democratic traditions and mentality.

We enhance sharing best practices, networking and information exchange on national and international levels, improving national legal framework of public participation in local and state policies, making the governance closer to the best democratic standards.

2. Building civil society and NGO development

Development of civil society is an important part of the CCC Research’s mission. We direct our efforts to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of Ukrainian NGOs, increase their role in social life, enforcing their links with their target groups, development of cooperation and networking to reach the synergy. Thus CCC Research provides training, consultations, methodological support, grants to NGOs in all the regions of Ukraine.

3. Cooperation between civic and state sectors

Democratic governance foresees the tight cooperation between publicity and authorities on every level of society. Evolution transformation processes in Ukraine change the relations between the authorities and civil society from confrontation to collaboration. We work to make this process more balanced and quick, create solid institutional and legal basis for social dialogue.

4. Local self-government

Self-governing community – one of the basic elements of civil society, key form of the social existing, effective way of social counteraction to meet common issues. Being traditional institute for Ukraine community needs new treating as a basis of social state, guarantee of sustainable development, ground for democratic government.

CCC Research pays great attention to work with small communities, in particular in rural and remote areas. We work to spread the democratic achievements of society on its grassroot level, to make citizens realize their key position in democratic government of the modern age, to make communities capable enough to play their role in the process of commonwealth development of Ukrainian nation.

5. Charity, philanthropy and charitable foundations

CCC Research enhances the development of philanthropy and charity in Ukraine. We exert our efforts to spread the traditional and innovative practices, create friendly legal framework for philanthropy. We work closely with Ukrainian business to impact the corporate charity and social responsibility.

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